Red Alert 2 - Ladder - schalke

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#58 4 / 5 106p
54 FPS
3.6 hours


9xMay Day
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
1937FranceschalkeW+25Koreajim9344L04:45May Day16:37 15-08-201953CP
1539FranceschalkeL-9AmericanononoW+3618:51May Day18:15 12-08-201959CP
1535FranceschalkeL-9IraqnononoW+4107:22May Day17:56 12-08-201959CP
1282FranceschalkeW+45KoreagreatmapL-192:19:30May Day19:57 10-08-201959CP
1271FranceschalkeL-5Koreahunkra2W+3407:49May Day17:43 10-08-201954CP
1267FranceschalkeL-6Iraqhunkra2W+3805:15May Day17:29 10-08-201955CP
1256FranceschalkeW+29FrancebuluharaL02:14May Day16:43 10-08-201958CP
1250FranceschalkeW+36KoreapfcboyL-411:41May Day16:32 10-08-201957CP
1245FranceschalkeLLibyaapplepieW+2116:35May Day16:07 10-08-201954CP

Hint: Build one or two miners from your war factory at the start of a game.