Red Alert 2 - Ladder - rockcar

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Tiberian Sun | Red Alert 2 | Yuri's Revenge | Renegade

#158 7 / 1 223p
1 disconnects
56 FPS
54.2 minutes


2xWild Animal Park
1xArctic Circle
1xCity Under Siege
1xIsle of War
1xLake Blitzen
1xMay Day
1xSovereign Land
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
18772AmericarockcarW+34AmericatedfL-2105:16May Day03:22 25-02-201558P
14284AmericarockcarW+39Americatiger01L-2210:14Lake Blitzen12:07 19-02-201557P
14279AmericarockcarW+27Francekdogg67L-604:11City Under Siege11:47 19-02-201553P
11430AmericarockcarL-13IraqtnkW+2108:49Isle of War15:08 15-02-201557P
10729AmericarockcarW+29FrancepinoysfL-707DEFCON 617:13 14-02-201540P
10728AmericarockcarDCFrancepinoysfDC02:02Sovereign Land17:12 14-02-20150P
10724AmericarockcarW+41Great BritainmrwarowarL-1710:28Arctic Circle17:08 14-02-201558P
405AmericarockcarW+31Americamajorwad4L-201:28Wild Animal Park13:59 01-02-201556P
403AmericarockcarW+35Americamajorwad4L-311:34Wild Animal Park13:57 01-02-201556P

Hint: Press N to select your MCV and D to deploy it.