Red Alert 2 - Ladder - over9000

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#68 8 / 3 257p
55 FPS
52.0 minutes


3xMontana DMZ
1xArctic Circle
1xCountry Swing
1xHammer and Sickle
1xHeck Freezes Over R v R
1xOfficial Tournament Map B
1xRiver Rampage
1xThin Ice
1xTiger Bay Night
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
2059Iraqover9000W+31IraqabcL-2105:53Official Tournament Map B18:35 06-01-201757P
2055Iraqover9000W+36IraqabcL-2308:12Montana DMZ18:28 06-01-201753P
2047Iraqover9000L-21IraqabcW+3221Montana DMZ18:19 06-01-201748P
2046Iraqover9000W+37IraqabcL-2301:12Montana DMZ18:18 06-01-201753P
2045Iraqover9000W+43IraqabcL-2504:31Heck Freezes Over R v R18:16 06-01-201757P
2041Iraqover9000L-14IraqabcW+2403:48River Rampage18:10 06-01-201757P
2038Iraqover9000L-16IraqabcW+2805:55Tiger Bay Night18:06 06-01-201757P
2036Iraqover9000W+41IraqabcL-2204:24Thin Ice17:59 06-01-201757P
2032Iraqover9000W+46Iraqbigboss81L-2304:19Country Swing17:53 06-01-201757P
2031Iraqover9000W+34AmericafxstarL-606:10Arctic Circle17:48 06-01-201755CP
2023Iraqover9000W+40IraqredalertL-807:17Hammer and Sickle17:34 06-01-201758P

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