Red Alert 2 - Ladder - noobness

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#198 7 / 1 194p
56 FPS
51.4 minutes


2xHammer and Sickle
2xMay Day
1xCountry Swing
1xGolden State Fwy
1xOfficial Tournament Map B
1xThe Alamo
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
19917AmericanoobnessW+17Americakaptain72L04:24Hammer and Sickle02:16 20-04-201458P
19198IraqnoobnessW+51Iraqbobor370L-3706:30Country Swing16:20 19-04-201454P
16353IraqnoobnessL-13Americawgs5W+3302:24Golden State Fwy01:38 17-04-201458P
8708IraqnoobnessW+23AmericapitL-205:06Official Tournament Map B01:27 09-04-201457P
8704IraqnoobnessW+26AmericapitL-207:40The Alamo01:22 09-04-201456P
8694IraqnoobnessW+29AmericapitL-204:14Hammer and Sickle01:14 09-04-201456P
2515KoreanoobnessW+29FrancesoldattL15:08May Day19:39 03-04-201458CP
2495IraqnoobnessW+32FrancesoldattL05:59May Day19:24 03-04-201457CP

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