Red Alert 2 - Ladder - nemesis1

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#46 7 / 1 233p
57 FPS
1.0 hours


5xMay Day
4xSouth Pacific
1xWild Animal Park
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
4427Iraqnemesis1W+27IraqwardildoL-1509:43May Day23:16 19-01-201856P
4385Iraqnemesis1WIraqrkkkL09:56South Pacific21:31 19-01-201858P
4378Iraqnemesis1WIraqrkkkL07:51South Pacific21:21 19-01-201858P
4371Iraqnemesis1W+29IraqrkkkL-1404:28South Pacific21:13 19-01-201858P
4370Iraqnemesis1W+33IraqrkkkL-1503:45South Pacific21:08 19-01-201857P
4367Iraqnemesis1L-15AmericarkkkW+3506:19May Day21:04 19-01-201857P
4365Iraqnemesis1W+33AmericarkkkL-1305:51May Day20:57 19-01-201857P
4363Iraqnemesis1W+37AmericarkkkL-1407:19May Day20:51 19-01-201857P
4360Iraqnemesis1W+43AmericarkkkL-1601:53May Day20:44 19-01-201857P
4159Koreanemesis1W+46FranceplunkL-1604:25Wild Animal Park21:18 18-01-201857CP

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