Red Alert 2 - Ladder - myrmidons

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#53 4 / 9 82p
58 FPS
1.9 hours


1xA Path Beyond II BL v TR
1xAnother Cold Day
1xCanyon Fodder Deluxe
1xCity Under Siege
1xCountry Swing
1xDC Uprising BL vs TR
1xHammer and Sickle
1xHeck Freezes Over B v B
1xOfficial Tournament Map A
1xRiver Rampage
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
375AmericamyrmidonsL-9Iraqienjoyra2W+3410:18Hammer and Sickle14:13 03-07-201858P
368AmericamyrmidonsL-10IraqitsamW+2302:25Heck Freezes Over B v B13:24 03-07-201859P
367AmericamyrmidonsL-11IraqitsamW+2604:51Canyon Fodder Deluxe13:21 03-07-201857P
366AmericamyrmidonsW+43IraqitsamL-1907:30River Rampage13:15 03-07-201858P
364AmericamyrmidonsL-7IraqitsamW+2313:58City Under Siege13:05 03-07-201858P
361AmericamyrmidonsL-8IraqitsamW+2608:00Country Swing12:49 03-07-201858P
360AmericamyrmidonsL-9IraqitsamW+3006:03DC Uprising BL vs TR12:37 03-07-201857P
358AmericamyrmidonsW+39IraqitsamL-1207:45A Path Beyond II BL v TR12:29 03-07-201858P
244AmericamyrmidonsL-6IraqitsamW+3205:23Morningtide11:24 02-07-201858P
243AmericamyrmidonsL-6IraqitsamW+3607:02Official Tournament Map A11:18 02-07-201858P
242AmericamyrmidonsW+31IraqitsamL-218:52Landmarks11:09 02-07-201858P
241AmericamyrmidonsW+35IraqitsamL-306:58Boracay10:48 02-07-201858P
240AmericamyrmidonsLAmericarealstarW+3216:47Another Cold Day10:39 02-07-201858P

Hint: Press N to select your MCV and D to deploy it.