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#117 5 / 4 102p
59 FPS
1.2 hours


2xHeck Freezes Over Corners
1xDivide and Conquer
1xGolden State Fwy
1xMay Day
1xOffense Defense (yuri original)
1xThe Path More Traveled By
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
347IraqmikozL-11IraqschindlerW+3105:45Tikal11:53 02-09-201759P
345IraqmikozL-12IraqschindlerW+3608:43Heck Freezes Over Corners11:46 02-09-201759P
304IraqmikozL-13IraqschindlerW+4014:48The Path More Traveled By01:49 02-09-201758P
302IraqmikozL-15IraqschindlerW+4509:52Golden State Fwy01:34 02-09-201759P
301IraqmikozW+24IraqjajajajaL-407:00Divide and Conquer01:23 02-09-201759P
299IraqmikozW+27KoreajajajajaL-405:50May Day01:16 02-09-201759P
298IraqmikozW+30IraqjajajajaL-503:42Tikal01:08 02-09-201759P
296IraqmikozW+34IraqjajajajaL-505:04Heck Freezes Over Corners01:04 02-09-201759P
295IraqmikozW+38IraqjajajajaL-612:46Offense Defense (yuri original)00:58 02-09-201759P

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