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#132 6 / 2 189p
50 FPS
49.6 minutes


1xBull Run
1xGlowing Waters
1xHeck Freezes Over
1xIsle of War
1xMount Olympus
1xOfficial Tournament Map B
1xThe Hills Have Eyes
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
1272Americaienjoyra2L-21IraqadnfuryW+4604:25The Hills Have Eyes19:11 04-02-201757P
1266Americaienjoyra2W+43AmericawarL-2903:42Bull Run19:06 04-02-201756P
1259Americaienjoyra2W+25IraqadnfuryL-607Isle of War19:01 04-02-201738P
1215Americaienjoyra2L-15IraqultrasW+3004:12DEFCON 6 LvR18:10 04-02-201757P
1210Americaienjoyra2W+43Iraqston3dL-2308:01Glowing Waters18:03 04-02-201756P
1204Americaienjoyra2W+49AmericawarL-2614:34Heck Freezes Over17:50 04-02-201750P
832Americaienjoyra2W+33AmericazenpaL-302:41Official Tournament Map B18:42 03-02-201756P
184Americaienjoyra2W+32Great BritainrippetL11:56Mount Olympus16:46 01-02-201750CP

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