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#67 12 / 6 270p
54 FPS
1.7 hours


3xParis Revisited BL v TR
2xColdest Peak
2xHammer and Sickle
2xSovereign Land
1xDivide and Conquer
1xGolden State Valley
1xHeck Freezes Over L v L
1xHeck Freezes Over T v T
1xIsle of War
1xJungle of Vietnam
1xLakeside Plateaus
1xSnow Valley
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
9659IraqeddL-8Iraqsummer69W+805:59Golden State Valley21:40 15-04-201557P
9656IraqeddL-30AmericafreazeW+4907:14Coldest Peak21:34 15-04-201558P
9629IraqeddW+38AmericahitmanL-3303:01Sovereign Land20:47 15-04-201558P
9626IraqeddL-30AmericahitmanW+3110:28Jungle of Vietnam20:44 15-04-201558P
9615IraqeddW+39AmericahitmanL-3403:28Heck Freezes Over L v L20:33 15-04-201557P
9613IraqeddL-29AmericahitmanW+3009:18Coldest Peak20:29 15-04-201558P
9604IraqeddW+41AmericahitmanL-3402:37Paris Revisited BL v TR20:20 15-04-201554P
9598KoreaeddW+25IraqraynorL-1406:02Hammer and Sickle20:13 15-04-201558P
7340IraqeddL-17Iraqwinter69W+1706:08Heck Freezes Over T v T23:26 11-04-201557P
7249IraqeddW+26IraqwhippinuL-1507:55Hammer and Sickle21:43 11-04-201557P
7243IraqeddW+30Great BritainddddddieL-1604:45Paris Revisited BL v TR21:35 11-04-201552P
7238IraqeddW+35Great BritainddddddieL-1803:22Divide and Conquer21:30 11-04-201551P
1163IraqeddW+23IraqwarriorL-303:52Isle of War23:11 02-04-201554P
1159IraqeddW+23KoreapatnutL01:53Sovereign Land23:05 02-04-201557P
1155IraqeddW+25KoreapatnutL03:06Snow Valley23:03 02-04-201557P
80IraqeddL-8IraqamsterdamW+2811:59Paris Revisited BL v TR02:22 01-04-201558P
74IraqeddW+41IraqamsterdamL-1404:33Lakeside Plateaus02:09 01-04-201558P
72IraqeddW+46IraqamsterdamL-1605:00Tikal02:04 01-04-201558P

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