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#21 11 / 2 350p
1 reconnection errors
58 FPS
1.5 hours


4xTour of Egypt
1xCaverns of Siberia
1xColdest Peak
1xDry Heat
1xDry Heat T v B
1xDune Patrol Remake
1xGolden State Valley
1xLittle Big Lake
1xMontana DMZ
1xThe Path More Traveled By
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
4244IraqeddW+26AmericafreezyL-2603:53Reconcile00:59 21-03-201959P
4242IraqeddW+32AmericafreezyL-2919:07The Path More Traveled By00:54 21-03-201959P
3971IraqeddW+25AmericafreezyL-1810:12Tour of Egypt22:14 19-03-201959P
3969IraqeddW+29AmericafreezyL-2006:55Tour of Egypt22:03 19-03-201959P
3964IraqeddW+34AmericafreezyL-2303:00Tour of Egypt21:56 19-03-201959P
3963IraqeddW+40AmericafreezyL-2506:17Tour of Egypt21:53 19-03-201959P
2851IraqeddW+19IraqcrikeeyL03:20Montana DMZ00:31 14-03-201958P
2848IraqeddW+21IraqcrikeeyL04:25Golden State Valley00:24 14-03-201959P
1530IraqeddL-13Iraqr1ghtW+2605:37Dry Heat T v B04:18 07-03-201957P
1528IraqeddREIraqr1ghtRE35Dry Heat04:11 07-03-20199SP
1527IraqeddW+43Iraqr1ghtL-2204:55Coldest Peak04:09 07-03-201959P
1526IraqeddW+48Iraqr1ghtL-2403:55Dune Patrol Remake04:03 07-03-201959P
1525IraqeddL-5Iraqr1ghtW+1708:34Caverns of Siberia03:58 07-03-201959P
1521IraqeddW+51Iraqr1ghtL-2307:24Little Big Lake03:42 07-03-201957P

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