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#58 5 / 4 142p
1 disconnects
2 reconnection errors
57 FPS
1.0 hours


2xRiver Rampage
1xColdest Peak
1xDepth Charge
1xHeck Freezes Over B v B
1xIsle of War
1xParis Revisited BL v TR
1xSnow Valley TL v BR
1xSovereign Land
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
601IraqeddW+32AmericacmndrkeenL-1118:38Heck Freezes Over B v B04:50 05-10-201858P
600IraqeddL-12AmericacmndrkeenW+3602:51Depth Charge04:31 05-10-201858P
599IraqeddREAmericacmndrkeenRE44River Rampage04:28 05-10-201827SP
598IraqeddDC+32AmericacmndrkeenDC-809:23Landmarks04:27 05-10-201844P
597IraqeddW+36AmericacmndrkeenL-903:03Paris Revisited BL v TR04:16 05-10-201858P
596IraqeddL-6AmericacmndrkeenW+3204:22River Rampage04:13 05-10-201857P
595IraqeddL-6AmericacmndrkeenW+3605:43Reconcile04:08 05-10-201858P
594IraqeddREAmericacmndrkeenRE01:16Snow Valley TL v BR04:02 05-10-201829SP
593IraqeddW+31AmericacmndrkeenL-203:52Isle of War04:00 05-10-201857P
590IraqeddW+35AmericacmndrkeenL-303:19Sovereign Land03:54 05-10-201857P
589IraqeddLAmericacmndrkeenW+3208:10Coldest Peak03:50 05-10-201859P

Hint: Grizzly and rhino tanks are well equipped for ground wars.