Red Alert 2 - Ladder - djaningar

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#169 3 / 5 116p
47 FPS
56.7 minutes


2xDivide and Conquer
2xTour of Egypt
1xJungle of Vietnam
1xThe Path More Traveled By
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
4583KoreadjaningarW+42AmericahergerL-1813:14invasion.map00:20 14-04-201756P
4578AmericadjaningarW+47IraqhergerL-2004:58Divide and Conquer00:05 14-04-201755P
13AmericadjaningarL-2IraqpalacioW+2204:06Tour of Egypt00:53 01-04-201750P
10AmericadjaningarL-3IraqpalacioW+2505:11Tour of Egypt00:47 01-04-201749P
8AmericadjaningarL-3IraqpalacioW+2709:48Divide and Conquer00:41 01-04-201747P
7AmericadjaningarL-3IraqpalacioW+3005:36Landmarks00:31 01-04-201748P
5AmericadjaningarW+38IraqpalacioL-610:09Jungle of Vietnam00:24 01-04-201747P
3AmericadjaningarLIraqpalacioW+2903:41The Path More Traveled By00:13 01-04-201754P

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