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#18 12 / 2 267p
58 FPS
1.5 hours


2xSouth Pacific TL v BR
1xArctic Circle
1xCold War T v T
1xDivide and Conquer
1xGlowing Waters
1xHammer and Sickle
1xJungle of Vietnam
1xLake Blitzen TL v BR
1xOfficial Tournament Map B
1xPirate Bay
1xThe Path More Traveled By
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
3163IraqcptcrunkW+12IraqpainnL03:40The Path More Traveled By17:40 29-03-202058P
3160IraqcptcrunkW+13IraqpainnL05:10Jungle of Vietnam17:35 29-03-202059P
3158IraqcptcrunkW+14IraqpainnL04:50Morningtide17:29 29-03-202059P
3156IraqcptcrunkW+15IraqpainnL06:59Glowing Waters17:24 29-03-202059P
3152IraqcptcrunkW+16IraqpainnL06:36Divide and Conquer17:16 29-03-202059P
3130IraqcptcrunkW+25KoreasoniaL-907:19Cold War T v T16:10 29-03-202058P
3125IraqcptcrunkW+29AmericasoniaL-1007:49Landmarks16:02 29-03-202059P
3123IraqcptcrunkW+33KoreasoniaL-1104:14Lake Blitzen TL v BR15:54 29-03-202057P
3118IraqcptcrunkL-12KoreasoniaW+3604:30South Pacific TL v BR15:48 29-03-202059P
3116IraqcptcrunkL-13IraqsoniaW+4108:16Pirate Bay15:43 29-03-202059P
3112IraqcptcrunkW+26KoreasoniaL-411:48Official Tournament Map B15:34 29-03-202059P
3102AmericacptcrunkW+39KoreapfcboyL-1412:14Arctic Circle14:43 29-03-202043P
3100IraqcptcrunkW+28Americastompny0uL04:16South Pacific TL v BR14:30 29-03-202059P
1319AmericacptcrunkW+42Great BritainyourdoneL-1003:56Hammer and Sickle18:15 17-03-202059CP

Hint: Do *not* use a map revealer or other trainer.