Red Alert 2 - Ladder - corporal

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#52 3 / 7 133p
55 FPS
59.4 minutes


1xArctic Circle
1xCountry Swing Fixed
1xHeck Freezes Over
1xLake Blitzen
1xMay Day
1xMount Olympus
1xOffense Defense (yuri original)
1xParis Revisited BL v TR
1xSnow Valley TL v BR
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
2449IraqcorporalW+43AmericahergerL-2105:49invasion.map17:00 19-08-201959P
2446IraqcorporalW+35FranceschalkeL-804:50May Day16:49 19-08-201959CP
2443IraqcorporalW+55Iraqra2masterL-3123Mount Olympus16:40 19-08-201950CP
2440IraqcorporalLIraqjboz20W+1507:56Snow Valley TL v BR16:20 19-08-201952P
2439IraqcorporalLIraqjboz20W+1706:28Lake Blitzen16:12 19-08-201955P
138IraqcorporalLGreat BritainajaxW+2209:16Arctic Circle16:26 02-08-201959P
137LibyacorporalLIraqajaxW+2403:36Heck Freezes Over16:15 02-08-201959P
136IraqcorporalLGreat BritainajaxW+2614:15Country Swing Fixed16:06 02-08-201959P
135IraqcorporalLIraqajaxW+2903:44Paris Revisited BL v TR15:50 02-08-201958P
134IraqcorporalLGreat BritainajaxW+3203:05Offense Defense (yuri original)15:46 02-08-201958P

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