Red Alert 2 - Ladder - blinkfrsh

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#53 2 / 3 57p
57 FPS
29.1 minutes


1xCity Under Siege
1xJungle of Vietnam
1xMay Day
1xOfficial Tournament Map A
1xSouth Pacific
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
897AmericablinkfrshL-6Iraqta7rantW+2703:10Official Tournament Map A18:05 10-08-201857P
895AmericablinkfrshL-7Iraqta7rantW+3105:52Jungle of Vietnam18:01 10-08-201857P
893AmericablinkfrshW+37Iraqta7rantL-905:03South Pacific17:55 10-08-201858P
725AmericablinkfrshL-3Iraqta7rantW+3508:22City Under Siege18:26 08-08-201857P
167AmericablinkfrshW+36AmericatedfL-406:39May Day17:43 02-08-201855P

Hint: Do *not* use a map revealer or other trainer.