Red Alert 2 - Ladder - blaster

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#103 3 / 13 43p
2 reconnection errors
56 FPS
1.6 hours


2xHeck Freezes Over T v T
1xCity Under Siege
1xGolden State Fwy
1xGolden State Valley
1xHeartland T v B
1xHeck Freezes Over Corners
1xHeck Freezes Over R v R
1xIsle of War
1xLake Blitzen
1xOfficial Tournament Map A
1xRiver Rampage
1xSnow Valley TL v BR
1xThe Alamo
1xTour of Egypt
1xUrban Rush Fixed
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
99AmericablasterL-4AmericamenasorW+2404:08River Rampage19:27 01-06-201856P
97AmericablasterL-5AmericamenasorW+2701:54Isle of War19:23 01-06-201857P
95AmericablasterREIraqmikozRE24Heck Freezes Over R v R19:19 01-06-20185SP
93AmericablasterW+30IraqaxkotrtL07:52Yellowstone19:17 01-06-201855P
90AmericablasterREIraqhsojRE03:38Lake Blitzen19:06 01-06-201853SP
89AmericablasterL-2IraqhsojW+2104:37Official Tournament Map A19:02 01-06-201859P
87AmericablasterL-2IraqhsojW+2303:56Golden State Valley18:57 01-06-201857P
85AmericablasterL-2IraqmikozW+2403:38Golden State Fwy18:53 01-06-201859P
83AmericablasterL-3IraqislapiraqW+2612:47Urban Rush Fixed18:49 01-06-201859P
79AmericablasterL-3IraqislapiraqW+2805:07Heck Freezes Over T v T18:37 01-06-201859P
78AmericablasterL-3IraqislapiraqW+3109:53Snow Valley TL v BR18:31 01-06-201859P
75AmericablasterL-4AmericaaetherW+2505:22Heck Freezes Over T v T18:22 01-06-201857P
73AmericablasterL-4AmericaaetherW+2709:49The Alamo18:16 01-06-201857P
70AmericablasterL-5AmericaaetherW+3004:16Heck Freezes Over Corners18:06 01-06-201856P
68AmericablasterL-5AmericaaetherW+3405:22Morningtide18:01 01-06-201856P
67AmericablasterL-6AmericaaetherW+3806:28City Under Siege17:55 01-06-201857P
65AmericablasterW+29AmericaaetherL03:53Heartland T v B17:49 01-06-201855P
63AmericablasterW+32CubaolorinL11Tour of Egypt17:41 01-06-201844P

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