Red Alert 2 - Ladder - alff

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#46 1 / 10 22p
1 reconnection errors
51 FPS
1.7 hours


6xMay Day
1xArctic Circle
1xCold War T v T
1xHeck Freezes Over Corners
1xJungle of Vietnam
1xMontana DMZ
1xSouth Pacific TL v BR
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
809IraqalffL-2IraqretardeddW+1010:05May Day23:37 10-02-202056CP
806IraqalffL-2IraqretardeddW+1006:57May Day23:27 10-02-202056CP
803IraqalffL-2IraqretardeddW+1105:48Jungle of Vietnam23:19 10-02-202055P
802IraqalffL-3IraqretardeddW+1203:17Heck Freezes Over Corners23:12 10-02-202054P
800IraqalffL-3IraqretardeddW+1305:40South Pacific TL v BR23:08 10-02-202051P
371IraqalffL-3IraqhsojW+1511:28Arctic Circle23:05 05-02-202055CP
369IraqalffREIraqhsojRE02:09Montana DMZ22:53 05-02-202039CSP
368IraqalffL-4IraqhsojW+1712:47Cold War T v T22:46 05-02-202053CP
366IraqalffL-4IraqhsojW+1911:32May Day22:33 05-02-202053CP
364IraqalffL-4IraqhsojW+2007:00May Day22:21 05-02-202053CP
362IraqalffW+49IraqhsojL-2016:02May Day22:13 05-02-202050CP
361IraqalffLAmericahsojW+1608:57May Day21:57 05-02-202055CP

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