Red Alert 2 - Ladder - ajax

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#116 3 / 10 75p
55 FPS
1.2 hours


2xHeck Freezes Over Corners
2xSouth Pacific TL v BR
1xCity Under Siege
1xDivide and Conquer
1xDry Heat T v B
1xGolden State Fwy
1xOfficial Tournament Map B
1xThe Path More Traveled By
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
1505IraqajaxL-8IraqhonaW+2005:58The Path More Traveled By01:10 06-09-201757P
1502IraqajaxL-9IraqhonaW+2202:29Heck Freezes Over Corners01:03 06-09-201758P
1500IraqajaxW+47IraqhonaL-2205:13Divide and Conquer01:00 06-09-201758P
1499IraqajaxL-4KoreahonaW+1905:31South Pacific TL v BR00:54 06-09-201758P
1498IraqajaxL-5IraqhonaW+2106:26Tikal00:47 06-09-201759P
1497IraqajaxL-6IraqhonaW+2305:11Dry Heat T v B00:40 06-09-201758P
1057IraqajaxL-6Koreazl4t4nkW+1203:52Official Tournament Map B06:16 04-09-201749P
1047IraqajaxL-7Iraqzl4t4nkW+1605:14Golden State Fwy05:38 04-09-201755P
1045KoreaajaxL-8Iraqzl4t4nkW+1803:59South Pacific TL v BR05:32 04-09-201757P
1044IraqajaxL-9Iraqzl4t4nkW+2009:29City Under Siege05:27 04-09-201755P
1043IraqajaxL-9Iraqzl4t4nkW+2308:03Yellowstone05:15 04-09-201756P
1041IraqajaxW+47Iraqzl4t4nkL-2204:45Tikal05:06 04-09-201756P
1040IraqajaxW+52Francezl4t4nkL-2403:34Heck Freezes Over Corners05:01 04-09-201754P

Hint: Money spent on defense is money not spent on offense.