Red Alert 2 - Ladder - agony

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#94 0 / 5 0p
57 FPS
22.4 minutes


1xDry Heat
1xParis Revisited BL v TR
1xSouth Pacific TL v BR
1xTour of Egypt
1xUrban Rush
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
652IraqagonyLIraqrubishtnkW+2203:22South Pacific TL v BR16:58 07-09-201958P
649IraqagonyLIraqrubishtnkW+2403:42Dry Heat16:55 07-09-201957P
648IraqagonyLIraqrubishtnkW+2608:31Urban Rush16:51 07-09-201953P
646IraqagonyLIraqrubishtnkW+2903:21Paris Revisited BL v TR16:42 07-09-201957P
642IraqagonyLIraqrubishtnkW+3203:26Tour of Egypt16:38 07-09-201958P

Hint: Place refineries as close to ore as possible.