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Learn with Raider - Tips for new players and nuBs

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Posted 14 July 2004 - 12:09 AM

Here's a thread with advice and tips for new players on XWIS, and existing nuBs.

In this thread I will post the same sort of basic and intermediate advice that I give to the countless random new players that I play. More tips will be added frequently and if you have a question "just ask" by PM, and I will do my best impression of Jeeves. ;)

Lesson 1: The start of the game
First off you should look at the loading screen if playing Yuris Revenge to see your location on the map, so you know where your MCV is. This helps with scouting.

Deploy your MCV as soon as the game starts, either by selecting it quickly by double-clicking, or you could press the "N" or "M" key, which are the hot keys to toggle between next units, and then press "D" for Deploy. Think of deploying your MCV as being like drawing your weapon in a Western shootout - its important to be as fast as possible. The method I have always used to learn on instinct is to drag a select box over the MCV and the slam the D key. But do what you find quickest and most comfortable.

Ok, so your MCV is now deployed, so you should click straight away to start building a power plant. Then once built make a barracks - don't make a refinery before barracks. As soon as the barracks is built start building a refinery and once this has started click on the infantry tab and make 2 or 3 dogs to scout with, (or some initiates if your Yuri in YR).

First off scout closely round your base to find and reveal the nearest ore. Now select each scouting unit and drag over to a corner of the shrouded map and click the scout to move using Attack Move - do this by holding down the Ctrl and Shift ↑ and then clicking on the shrouded area. By doing this your dogs are less likely to be intercepted, as they will stop to target any hostile units that they see on the way to their destination.

If you have knowledge of the map, then it is important to send your scouts to any key tech areas such as oil derricks or airports - make an extra dog for each tech building that you want, and have an engi built and walking to the tech once your dog has the area secured. The vital thing your opponents base at the very least, and all key geography that lie between you and your enemy, such as 'choke points' like cliff edges or bottle necks. If your scout dog doesnt get killed when its in the enemy base then send him on to scout more - no point wasting poor Lassie. :)

Your refinery should be finished building by the time your scouts are sent out exploring. Place your refinerey (or slave miner) as close to the ore patch (gems if present) as possible. Once your refinery is placed start building your war factory. When your war factory is finished building place it, and you now have a few options. The vital thing is to get some more miners to generate money for making units. So build a second refinery and one miner from your war factory. Sell un-needed refinerys, you just build these extra refineries for the miner, you only need one or two refs beside each ore field that you mine. ;)

Now the next step depends on the side you are, the side of your opponent, the size of the map and the actions of your opponent. The safest thing is to start making units like tanks as soon as possible, but look to see if your opponent has made a tank yet, if not then you might want to make another from your war fact. If the map is large and there is a lot of space between you and the enemy then its usually better to get more miners from the start, so make another miner from the war factory before you make tanks, whilst in the mean time making another refinery or a radar/air command.

Really from here you have to rely on your own instincts and reading of the game, and this can only be done with practice. Once your economy is established start making your units and then gradually make more buildings if you wish to tech up. You should build more miners as you expand your war effort, so you can afford more shiny tech buildings and bigger toys. :)

next lesson soon
¦- )

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Posted 31 July 2004 - 03:13 PM

Lessson 2 - Building your base - basic rules of stretching

Welcome back, time for another lesson from the Raid. ;)

How you build your base is of vital importance, the layout and placement of your buildings can determine wether you win or lose. You should always try to place your first buildings as far away from your MCV as possible. :yes:

Here’s a basic method, which should work effectively on any map. Place your first building, a power plant, as close to any ore as possible. If you cannot see the edge of any nearby ore field then place it in the direction you think the ore is - from looking at the map on load, and your knowledge of the map. Try to place it as far from the MCV as it lets you - notice there is a good distance achieved in the below screenshot, as the power has been placed as far as possible from the mcv and as close as possible to the ore.


Place your barracks on the opposite side of your MCV, facing the direction of your opponent, or pointing to any other ore that may be about.

Take 3 seconds to use one of your dogs to quickly reveal the surrounding area of the base, so you know exactly where to place your upcoming refinery and other buildings. Like so... :)


Build your refinery and place it away from the power plant, which will usually put it right next to the ore. This short distance means your miners have very little travelling to do, which means you make more money and quicker.

Your next important stretch is the placement of your war factory. If your barracks was placed in the direction of the next ore field (on maps where there are many ore fields) then place your war factory in similar fashion. Your war factory should be placed on the offensive if it is not needed to stretch to the next ore - so place your war factory in the direction of your opponent, so your units have shorter distance to travel to go and attack. So in the screenshot below you can see my my war factory which is about to be placed next to another patch of ore.


You will notice how your base now has a spider pattern, your buildings branch out like arms, stretching to key areas like ore. This is the beginning stages of stretching sorted. It should look like this:


Continue stretching by making refineries close to your ore patches. You can see here I have just built my first refinery on that second patch of ore - so I now have each patch being mined.


And at the other ore patch I make a second refinery further up and sell the other as it is not necessary to have 2 refineries at one patch in the early stages of the game. But later on in a longer game you may wish to have two refineries per patch for efficiency - you don't want all your miners having to queue up!


You should have a good economy established to allow for an early force to be built, but continue to expand your operations depending on what happens in the game. Always keep stretching for more ore if there is ore to be had - think of it like a gold rush, because you need as much money as possible to continue making units - if you run out of money and your opponent doesn’t then you’re most likely going to lose.

Hope this helps. :)

Another lesson soon.

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